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IT Standards Committee

IT Standards

IT Standards Committee Members – The IT Standards Committee shall be comprised of 4 subcommittees. These are:  1) General Security 2)  Network      3)  Unix Application  4)  Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity.  Each subcommittee will consist of six appointed IT IIPS members with no more than two from one school.  Each member will serve a total of three years, with two rotating off each year.  A member serving in their second year is eligible to serve as chair of their subcommittee.  That position will be recommended by the current chair and appointed by the chair of the IT Standards Committee.   There will be no more than one chair from a college at a time.  The Chair of the IT Standards Committee will be appointed by the IIPS President and should have served as the chair of one of the four subcommittees.  If none of the four chairs agrees to serve, the IIPS Executive Committee can appoint a Chair.
IT Standards Committee Duties – This committee will be responsible for ongoing recommendations for campus-wide standards and operating procedures in response to the Electronic Data Processing audit of the NC Community Colleges and a changing security environment.

IIPS Standards Committee